Our Mission


The School of Science and Technology drives academic and socio-emotional development through a college preparatory, STEM-based learning model. SST’s model is anchored on 21st-century skills, embraced by a character-building approach, and delivered in an enriching, safe, and student-centered learning environment.


Nurturing world-class scholars and ethical citizens to build a better future for all.

Core Values

High Expectations


Every student will learn and grow into a successful and productive citizen

Dedicated Staff


We do whatever it takes to help our students reach their goal

Working Together


Our students, parents, and staff work in SST to create a strong community of success

Character Matters


We guide our students to value integrity, show respect, and be responsible.

STEM for All


Every student will graduate with a strong understanding and appreciation of STEM and how it connects to the real world


SST: A Public Charter School

The School of Science and Technology are public charter schools accredited and audited by the Texas Education Agency. SST operates under the Riverwalk Education Foundation, a nonprofit corporation in San Antonio, Texas and was established exclusively for educational, scientific and literary purposes with the primary objective of establishing science, technology, engineering and math focused public charter schools.


SST serves students from kindergarten through twelfth grade and has no admission criteria. Students apply and are selected through a random lottery process. Unlike traditional public schools, SST is self-governing and students are not required to live in a specific zip code to apply for enrollment at any SST campus.


Just like other public schools, SST is funded by the State of Texas-based on average daily attendance. Essentially this means that for each day a student attends SST and meets attendance criteria, SST receives funds to provide educational services. Unlike traditional public schools, SST does not receive any local taxes.